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We`ve been in the reseller hosting business for 19 years and we know how.

FREE Reseller with HEPSIA

It's absolutely free & turn-key. We support your customers. See how it works

cPANEL Reseller

It's cost еffective, with WHM&ClientExec included. You support your customers. As low as $6.00/mo

It all starts with a domain.

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Our prices may be cheap, but we are not selling cheap hosting. Our Best Free Reseller Program are bursting at the seams with features you will love, all backed by fast 24/7 support and powered entirely by renewable energy.

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Why Choose Us for Reseller Program

To become a hosting reseller, you need to procure enough server resources and then provide reseller hosting software and plans to allow other users to buy hosting from your own company.

No Reseller Deposits

In stark contrast to most reseller programs, we do not require any deposits from you. We will charge your clients directly on your behalf and will send you the profit that you’ve set on the basis of our wholesale price. And if you make no sales, there will be no charges to pay either!

Full Branding Control

Your hosting brand will be everywhere - on your store, in the Control Panel, in the email notifications and service alerts that your customers will receive, etc. Also, you can place your own brand logo and favicon on your store with the click of a mouse.

No Technical Skills Required

With us, setting up your hosting store will be as easy as setting up a social media profile, for example. All server management, service configuration and payment processing procedures will be handled by us, so you can focus on promoting your brand

Responsive & Customizable Hosting Store

With our Store Master theme, you’ll have full control over the look & feel of your hosting store. Also, your store will be fully scalable and will fit every customer device and screen resolution.

Full Reseller & Customer Support

Our technical support team will be available to you and to your customers around the clock. We’ll support your clients on your behalf through various channels - ticketing system, email, live chat and phone. Providing a 1-hour response time is our commitment.

All-in-One Reseller Control Panel

Unlike with most reseller programs, with our Free Program you will have only one Reseller Control Panel for all tasks, including hosting store setup, service management, billing processing, etc. tasks.

Our Guarantees for
Best Free Reseller Program

Service guarantees

Each of our bundles is configured for you absolutely free. 30 day reimbursement. 99.9% service uptime. 30–min reply time frame.

Compare our prices

Have a quick look at the resources and capabilities offered by every one of our best wp hosting provider bundles. You could start off with a smaller plan and upgrade with just a click of the mouse as your site grows.

Contact Us

Get hold of us whenever you want during business hours on weekdays for any pre–sale or common questions with regards to our platform. Give us a call at any moment.

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State of the Art Data Centre

At CloudRocket, we house our servers in highly-secure and ultra-modern Tier 4 data centres in United Kingdom, United States, Finland, Australia and Bulgaria, with BGP network redundancy provided by Simply Transit. We host over 35,000 customers in our state-of-the-art data centres serving over 1,000,000 websites world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a reseller is absolutely FREE. You sign up for FREE, get a FREE account and set it up for FREE. You will have to pay only in case you want to register a domain name for your reseller website.

Yes, the free reseller program is absolutely free and it will not cost you anything in order to start reselling our services and make profit. With the free resellers program, you will be provided with a free sub-domain name ( which will serve as your default store address, a pre-built website which comes in five different templates that you can choose from and which you can edit in certain ways, and we will be providing the billing support for your customers meaning that we will be receiving the payments that your clients make through your website. Because of all that, it is not required for you to purchase the web hosting plans, before you can resell them to your clients. You just set your own retail price for the hosting packages and start promoting your online store. Once a client makes a payment through your web store, we will receive the order, process it, and if it is approved, we will provide the client with the web hosting service and provide you with your reseller commission from this ooferssale.

Your account will become active as soon as you submit the signup form. You will receive all the necessary account set-up instructions in your e-mail address.

All you need to do is just fill out the signup form and you’ll become a member of our growing reseller hosting community absolutely free of charge. As soon as you submit your signup form you will gain access to a secured Reseller Hosting Control Panel of your own, offering centralized management of your private brand reseller hosting business through a variety of easy-to-use options.

The most important thing is your enthusiasm and some marketing efforts to popularize your web hosting offering. Don’t worry if you do not possess any marketing skills or experience. As a valued reseller of ours you’ll be given some important tips for making a successful breakthrough on the global web hosting market and for attracting a reliable clientele.

Using the free reseller program you can make profit by selling our services to your clients. Unlike other reseller programs, you do not need to pay in advance the service that your clients will buy from you. That is possible because handles the billing for you so we charge your clients instead of you. You as a reseller have to set the retail price for every service that your clients will have to pay. Your profit is the difference between that retail price and our wholesale price. That methodology applies for every service you sell under the free reseller program - cloud hosting, VPS, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers as well as domain names, SSL certificates and any service upgrades purchased from within the client control panel.

Not at all! Our free reseller hosting program is designed for all of you who wish to win some extra money while dealing with your normal daily activities i.e. going to work, staying at home in front of the TV, hanging out with friends, studying, sleeping, etc. No matter whether you are a busy student or a work-engulfed businessman, you can freely take advantage of our free reseller program and bring a steady stream of residual income to your wallet.

The reseller username you have entered has already been taken. Please try again with another username (using lower case letters only) and if the problem persists, contact the support team and send them your signup information, so that they could clarify the problem and sign you up.